Dropbox reflection

I’m feel like I am scratching the surface with dropbox. I have created files and put documents into them. I have also downloaded dropbox onto my home desktop. Now I need to download it on my school computer. I put it on my school iPad last year so that I could share photos from my home computer and create a book with StoryBuddy2. It seems like I ended up getting a lot more photos coming into that iPad than the ones I wanted. I am going to have to investigate. I was able to make the book!

I am seeing the possibilities. I often e-mail myself files or have to wait and copy them at home, then bring them to school. As I mentioned previously, I usually do computer work at home so I think that I will really benefit from putting all of my school docs in the cloud.

I feel like I’m at the beginner stage and that the sharing and other aspects will come in time. I have some ideas- a first grade teacher group, bicycle trails and trip info with my sister… but I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with just setting dropbox up for my use right now. I know the sharing will come.


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