Collaboration- Google template

I worked with two Google templates. One of them was an upper level writing rubric that I converted to a First Grade Writing Rubric. When I sent it to colleagues and myself and even in “My Library,” it showed up as a spreadsheet rather than the template I worked on. I wasn’t sure how to fix that. When I went to “Live View” I could get it to show the template and somehow it showed up in one of the e-mails I sent myself. The other template was a lesson planning template. There were some changes that I was unable to make to the templates. I’m not sure how useful they will be, but I can see the possiblities in creating or finding templates that fill the needs that I have and being able to share them and work on them with colleagues. The writing rubric I tried to create used the items we already use but put them in a different format.  I sent both templates to colleagues but have not gotten a response yet. I included myself on the mailing and was unable to comment on one of them. I have more than one gmail account so I am not sure if it was requiring me to sign up for Google+ or if the comment section just wasn’t working. I will confer with my colleagues to see if they are having trouble with this.  I will post screenshots once I get comments.

How would I use this? The writing rubric was a simplified version of the one my colleagues and I already use. I like parts of the format but am not sure how it would function in use. Using Google to share it and work on it with colleagues seems like a great way to go about it. My feeling is that we might use this one as a beginning but create our own to suit our need more efficiently.

The lesson plan rubric again is a great way to collaborate and share different ways that we approach a lesson or a unit.


One thought on “Collaboration- Google template

  1. it has to be in the Share settings. There are two places that you have to watch. I have shared with colleagues and then realized at the top in the Sharing area, that I also had to mark the different rights for the document itself. So there are sharing rights for the individual and for the doc itself.

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