Collaboration- Lino board

The Lino board that I created uses sticky notes and a photo to represent some of the areas I am working on with my classroom this week. I used Lino as an organization and reminder tool. I listed materials I would need to gather and areas of study that I will be covering. I also used it to remind myself of projects that I need to work on and complete. I added a document (iPad schedule) but was only able to see the link where I have to download it everytime rather than just have it on the board to look at.

I realize that I am not truly collaborating in this case but it was an effort to try out this tool and get some ideas. I can see that it might be a good tool for grade level planning if we could share a board and add ideas, plans and links for weekly plans or units of study.

I think that with first graders I would have to use it for a more specific purpose. Some ideas- things that make up morning jobs (trade books, lunchgraph, bathroom, pencil sharpening) or reader’s workshop (find a quiet, cozy spot, get out my pile of books, look over the cover, etc.) or partner work.  I suppose they could use it in response to reading or learning but I’m not sure it is the best tool for that. If a board could be shared then perhaps we could collect responses. I’m not sure. I’m getting ready to try KidBlog for that. I’d like to see some examples of how it is used in early elementary by other teachers.


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