Communication Tools- Skype

21 Things skype IM message screenshot

This is a screenshot of my message to Melissa on Skype.

21 Things Skype call to Dan

This is a screen shot of my call to my son, Dan. No…he doesn’t really look like that! My desktop does not have a videocam so I usually make video calls from my iPad. I called his mobile in this screenshot.

Skype has lots of possibilities. I could see using Skype to connect to another classroom to work on a joint project or to share performances or learning. Our goals in first grade are learning about our school community and we do lots of work developing community within our classroom. It might be fun and enlightening to connect with another classroom somewhere else in the state, country or world who is working on the same goal. That would be the begninning of learning that community extends to bigger and bigger arenas.

Skype could also be used in our classroom to bring in “experts” or people who might inspire us. We are writing pattern books right now. Finding a classroom working on pattern books to share ours with would be a great way to celebrate and to get new ideas (for both the students and the teacher.)

Skype might be able to be used for conferences with parents if parents had the technology and know-how.

As I have thought about using Skype with my students, I’ve thought a lot about being thoughtful with technology and not just using technology because it is cool or to show administrators that I can do it. I really think it is important to remember that it isn’t about using technology. It is about teaching children. Yes, technology can sometimes do that very well but like Glasser pointed out, there are 8 intelligences. Technology isn’t the best solution for every lesson and every student. I think we need be thoughtful and purposeful with all of our planning and teaching.


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