Communication Tools

21 Things moodle chat participation


This is a screenshot of our backchannel chat during one of our virtual 21 Things sessions. I have also used Chatzy in the past. I volunteer as a customer service representative for a nonprofit. When we had more than one representative returning phone calls at a time, we used Chatzy to let others know what we were working on. We were also able to help each other when we needed more information for a caller.

I could see this tool being used during a Professional Development session between colleagues to discuss relevant ways to use new ideas and information. It might also be used in place of one of the many meetings that are planned to discuss a special needs student and revise plans for said child.

I know that they are many creative teachers out there who are probably using this type of tool with 6 and 7 year olds. At this point, for me, it seems like too much effort for an unclear outcome.


One thought on “Communication Tools

  1. Probably not with this young of students. Their typing skills are not good enough yet, but it might be a good way for them to get them up to speed also. Anything to get them typing and improve their typing skills.

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