Digital Images

21 Things flickr uploaded photo made public

I uploaded a photo I took this fall of sedum onto the flicker site.


Digital Images – PhotoPeach slideshow

21 Things photopeach slideshow

I used my own photos to make a slideshow of “What do people do in the Winter?” I added captions and music.

This would be a part of our first grade Weather Watchers unit where the children learn about he seasons. It would be even better to set the children loose with iPads to take pictures of the winter and then use those pictures for a slide show. What people do is only a small part of knowing about the seasons. It could be expanded to more information. I can see creating slideshows as a great way to review or summarize learning in many different areas. I was thinking of making one as they brainstorm all the strategies they use when they come to a tricky word for reading. I think a visual of the variety and great number of tricks they have up their sleeves would be another way to remind and encourage students to use all they know.

Digital Images

21 Things fotoflexer spring tree picture before21 Things fotoflexer spring tree picture after

I searched for an apple tree in spring image with an Advanced Google Search. The image I picked was from flickr.  I set the search to give me images that can be shared and modified. I later went back and searched for the same image both through Google Advance Search and Flickr. I couldn’t find it. I learned to copy the URL before you let the image go!

I resized the image and added a poster format. I added text and changed the colors and borders. I played with other options like adding a butterfly animation or a frame but wanted to keep it simple in the end. Some of the options, like the frame, resized my picture. I was thinking that I would do a series of photos of the apple tree in the 4 seasons so I didn’t want them too big. I tried to bring up two images at the same time but that didn’t work for me either.

Copyright and Creative Commons – Reflection

To be honest, I had only a bare bones beginning knowledge of copyright and public domain and I had no idea about fair use and Creative Commons. I had an idea that there was an exception for education but no details. The class I started in Spring of 2012 had a link to Brad Templeton’s 10 Myth paper. It was written in a simple and clear way and I would return to that document and some of the other links that you provided for specific information/situations. Rich Stim’s page was clear and useful as well. I found the 4 factors for Fair Use to be helpful in my understanding.

Some of the things I learned: Copyright lasts a lifetime plus 70 years; It is better to always ask permission; Creative Commons images at the bottom of a work give you information about acceptable use and sharing; Fair Use almost always only allows for a portion of the work to be used; Copyright gives the creator the right to control who can make copies and who can make works derived from their creative work.

I got 17 of 20 on the quiz. (My previous results. I couldn’t get the quiz to work properly this time.)  I don’t think my first graders would do well on this quiz. It is not really 6 year old appropriate material. I do usually have a discussion with them about copying others’ work versus producing their own. I don’t think I would go much further than that although I think my understanding of fair use/copyright might help me to be more clear in what I communicate.

Copyright and Creative Commons

21 Things plagiarism checker


I copied my “Read a Bunch of Books” letter to parents through the dupli-checker and no plagiarism was detected.

I don’t think I would use this tool in my classroom. We touch on plagiarism just a little bit when a student copies another students writing but 6 and 7 year olds aren’t quite ready for the “checker” yet! Now that I’ve said this, I’m sure that someone will tell me how and why I should use it! I’m open!


21 things copyright quiz


I tried to take the Copyright quiz but it kept skipping questions. I tried several times. It would bump me from question 1 to 3 to 5. When I finished, I had 8 of 20 correct but I only answered 10 questions.

I started this course through Eaton County in Spring of 2012 but it was discontinued before I was able to finish. I did, however, take the copyright test at that time and am posting the screenshot from then. I got 17 of 20. I will happily retake the quiz if needed when the site is operating properly.