Differentiated Instruction and UDL

Universal Design for Learning Assignment

I looked for quite some time for a content area resource for my classroom. Many were for upper levels of K-12. Some were no longer existing. Some I didn’t like. Some I am already using! I found Wordle and Spelling City. I use Wordle to summarize and review learning in a visual way and we also use it to make a “getting to know you” poster as each child is interviewed on their “special person” day. Spelling City is an app we use on the iPads. I enter the spelling words for the week and the children can play a variety of games using those words.

I found two resources where you can enter a word and get a visual representation. This might be useful for those children who have fewer experiences and no way to visualize vocabulary. Reading Street has “amazing words” each week and although we discuss them, I think adding a visual would be useful. The two were “Visual Dictionary” and “Wordsift.” “Visual Dictionary” seemed simpler for elementary use.

Another resource I might is are one called “Our Story.” It allows you to make a timeline with photos and text. I thought it would be a good way to record our observations during our monarch butterfly unit when we watch the process from larvae to butterfly.

There was also a slideshow link. I know there are several out there. Slideshows are nice ways to summarize and celebrate learning.


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