Differentiated Instruction and UDL – Vozme

Text -to-Audio Conversion

I put some text from my blog into Vozme and converted it to an MP3. When I played it back, I found it very hard to understand. I tried both the male and female voices. It was fast and stuttery.  I had not heard that complaint from others during the moodle session so I tried it on my iPad with a short text. It seemed a little better. I’m not sure that I would use this version with my first graders unless it sounded much clearer!

I think there are some possibilities for use of text-to-audio conversion with young students. I could see using it for directions for independent work (or for those who don’t listen well to oral directions.) It might even work for re-teaching. There might be some issues with moving back and forth between directions and an online task. I thought of using it to remind them how to get in and back out of Raz-Kids on their iPads but I think it might complicate matters more than simplify them!

I might try it on my website for announcements or as a welcome if I was confident it could easily be understood.

vozme 21 Things


One thought on “Differentiated Instruction and UDL – Vozme

  1. It is pretty robotic and you are right it may not be the best tool for 1st graders. For older kids, it can be pretty effective though. The paid for tools are much better, but for a free tool it is not too bad.

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