Digital Citizenship

The following is a plan with two digital activities I would use teach my first graders about writing comments online emphasizing netiquette and digital citizenship.

Lesson Plan:

Tools: CommonSense, Kidblog, Educational Blogging

Title: KidBlog

Learning Objectives:

1) Learn Digital Citizenship/Netiquette

2) Create classroom discussions that summarize learning and allow reflection by writing comments.

3) Practice Writing Skills

Time Frame: 

The initial lessons will take place over 5 days with demonstration, active involvement, then shared and guided commenting on the blog. The next week will be a period of trial independent commenting, with additional tips and feedback. Teacher approval of comments is a feature of Kidblog. All comments would be approved before being viewed. Individual conferencing would allow for additional instruction. Use of KidBlog over the year would allow for additional lessons/feedback regarding Digital Citizenship and use of the format in a variety of content areas. It will also allow more students to learn more about reflection and questioning vs. summarizing.

Teacher Resources:

Apple TV to project videos, demonstrations, brainstorming; iPad; laptop

Kidblog account

Student Resources:


Teacher Preparation:

Set up Kidblog account for classroom use   Curriculum for “Show respect online” lessons from Common Sense Media with video  This is a video I found that teaches blog writing skills.

Student Directions/Steps:

Day 1: Introduce Kidblog; discuss what blogging is and why we might blog; demonstrate

Day 2: Respectful Blogging lesson: respect, tone, editing (use video from Common Sense)

Day 3: Writing Good Comments lesson: use video from educational blogging

Days 4 and 5: Shared and guided commenting


For beginning first graders, I would use a checklist to assess. Children would need to complete the first four goals and be aware of the type of comment they left by checking one of the last 3. I expect to adjust this rubric as I see how it works and if the goals I have for the children are being met. I would also add to the rubric as the children master the goals set forth.

blogging comment rubric


One thought on “Digital Citizenship

  1. What a great way to get your first graders blogging safely. Also they will begin developing their writing skills. Great ideas Janet!

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