Visual Learning – Reflection

The main use for Popplet, and gliffy that I have found up to this point is for summarizing learning. I have always done it at the end of a unit but I’m thinking that it might be good to do it at the beginning of the unit as well so that the students could see what new information they have learned. I noticed that gliffy also had a flow chart (among many other graphics.) That might be useful as a tool for visualizing directions as well as for specific learning that “flows” like our observations of the monach butterfly from larvae to butterfly.

Wordle and Tagxedo are also tools that can be used to summarize learning. We have used them at our grade level to record information learned about each of our class members when they share about themselves as “special person.” We then made a Wordle of that information, add their picture and display them in our first grade hall. I didn’t think of copying information from a website or article into a program like this to determine what the main ideas are. I tried it with the League of Michigan Bicyclists website. I might be able to use that at some time with students.

The QR code I made is a link to my Weebly site. I could see using QR codes at my level for directions at a center. I only have 5 student iPads but I could have one iPad at each center.  I see a posibility of using a QR code as a re-teaching tool for homework or at a center in the classroom. Of course, this all takes time and knowledge and experience. I have to learn to make and post the directions or re-teaching! Maybe that is another Thing!


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