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In first grade we do a Weather Watchers unit. It involves a study of the 4 seasons. We learn about how the seasons are different and alike.

I have used Popplet before and have it on my iPad so I wanted to try out It is quite similar. I liked the finished look. I used Popplet in the past as a way to record when the children brainstormed what they have learned in a whole group. I would like to try starting the Popplet or and letting the children add on with their iPads. To do this I would need to be able to share the graphic and teach them how to access it and how to use the resource. It wouldn’t be worth the time for one project but I could see using it in that way for many projects to summarize and or share learning.

I tried to do a Venn diagram on gliffy but wasn’t able to figure out how to get the space in the middle. I didn’t like this so much for first graders. It seems harder to organize and long lists of text aren’t always the best format for 6 and 7 year olds. I think that there might be a way to use shapes on gliffy to do a comparison graphic but it will take some time and creativity.


One thought on “Visual Learning

  1. Did you choose the Venn diagram one? It should have given you the three circles with the one in the middle overlapping. I loved reading all your posts for Visual Learning! I can just see the excitement of your little ones with their iPads using the QR codes. My two year old granddaughter just figured out the camera on her iPad and she is having so much fun with it. Lots of pictures of her feet! This invention is so neat for kids.

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