Digital Images

21 Things fotoflexer spring tree picture before21 Things fotoflexer spring tree picture after

I searched for an apple tree in spring image with an Advanced Google Search. The image I picked was from flickr.  I set the search to give me images that can be shared and modified. I later went back and searched for the same image both through Google Advance Search and Flickr. I couldn’t find it. I learned to copy the URL before you let the image go!

I resized the image and added a poster format. I added text and changed the colors and borders. I played with other options like adding a butterfly animation or a frame but wanted to keep it simple in the end. Some of the options, like the frame, resized my picture. I was thinking that I would do a series of photos of the apple tree in the 4 seasons so I didn’t want them too big. I tried to bring up two images at the same time but that didn’t work for me either.


One thought on “Digital Images

  1. Nice try. You would need to use a tool like Photoshop to have two images on the screen together. Looks like you had fun with this Thing! It is one of my favorites.

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