Capstone Project

I have created a digital artifact that demostrates how technology tools learned in the 21 things can support the 9 categories of best practice.

I chose to make a PhotoPeach slide show. I could only use 30 slides since I am using the free service so after I finished I had to pare it down!  I tried to show a variety of tools that I felt worked well with lower elementary students. Some of the tools could have been used in several of the 9 categories. I had to leave out some of the tools that I had planned to put in. Since I have 5 iPads and an Apple TV in my classroom, I focused on tools that would work with the tools I have. This is a beginning!

Technology Tools Supporting Best Practice on PhotoPeach: (please copy and paste if the link does not work)


2 thoughts on “Capstone Project

  1. This is really good Janet. I am going to share with my colleagues and if you are willing, we can show and use as an example for Best Practice. I know you are short on slides, but a slide at the beginning to list the 9 Categories would be very helpful. This would also a be a great example for me to show with the work with we are doing with online get readiness at the state level right now. In our Classroom Readiness course we have a module that lists the 9 Categories and gives examples.

    • Thanks Melissa. I think you are right. I did have a slide introducing each category but a slide at the beginning with all 9 might be good. Also- maybe I can edit the text on those slides that introduce each category to look different.

      I have another question. Maybe you can help me. I took video clips of my students summarizing their learning from our Science weather watchers unit and put them together into a video. They loved wathcing themselves but I would like to be able to give parents a chance to see it online. I just don’t know how to post it so only some people can see it. I have it in my Photo Stream on my iPad but it won’t e-mail (too long?) It is about 2 and 1/2 minutes. Any ideas? I am going to try to post it on Kidblog but at the moment I can’t get into my new class blog- only last year’s. Any info about how/where to post it for parents? Thanks again.

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