Presentation Tools – Prezi and Zoomlt


Our first grade staff has decided to teach blogging as our final writing unit this year. Two of us attended a session on it at MACUL.

I created a Prezi to introduce this unit to our first graders. It can also be used as we proceed through the beginning steps of blogging.

There are many concepts involved in this unit. Students need to gain a basic understanding of blogging. They need to think about audience and interest. They need to use the writing process to plan, write, revise and edit their post. Finally, the will learn to make appropriate comments. We will begin using paper blogs and move to using Kidblog on iPads.

I like the Prezi format for this presentation. I think the students will enjoy the movement and surprize. I was able to embed a video and photos. There are hidden elements that will appear from the dot of an i and from the t-shirts of students. A tool which helps keep children’s interest and attention is an important part of learning at this level. I was able to use images of the templates that students will be using to plan and write their first post.

I am already thinking of ways to improve or add to this presentation. I like some of the Internet awareness and safety artifacts from Common Sense Media. I’d also like to take some photos as we do this unit, such as sticky note comments attached to the paper blog, to give students have a visual image. At the same time, I know that for 6 and 7 year olds, simplicity is important. Too much information confuses.

The Prezi brings us only through paper blogging. I originally thought that I would add to it or create another Prezi to introduce the steps of using Kidblog. I am thinking that I might instead use Google Presentation for that. I am thinking that a more linear step by step presentation style might be better for a how-to type of presentation.

I don’t see my students (6 and 7 year olds) using this presentation tool. Maybe that is because I am just a beginner myself and it took me a long time to plan and organize it. As my ability to use it grows, maybe a guided Prezi with my students would be a possiblity though I would probably begin with Google Presentation or Power Point for student or class presentations.

prezi bloggers


Prezi “Could We Be Bloggers?” screenshot


Our classroom just received our monarch butterfuly larva last week and did our first observation of the little caterpillars.

I found a website that gives information and photos of the caterpillars, the caterpillar parts and stages. I used Zoomlt to zoom in on the parts drawing and I used the draw function to point out some important parts of the text.

monarch caterpillar zoomlt draw monarch caterpillar zoonlt body parts monarch caterpillar website


I often project an image from my iPad with my Apple TV. It allow me to zoom in a similar way. I have used apps like Skitch and Stage to draw on an image.

Zoomlt will give me those functions and more from my laptop.

These features help learners by focusing on important images and information. Students can access close up images and targeted information in a timely way.




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