Data Collected in Education

Demographic data


% Free and Reduced Lunch Participation by Eligible Students 59.3% 60.1%
Percent Economically Disadvantaged Students 40.8% 42.9%
I don’t have access to our county Data Warehouse information so I used the MI School Data portal.  I found the above information in regards to demographics. Our Title 1 staff and administrators have been going through a process to have our school become a Title 1 school.
I believe that this kind of information is vital in this climate of “mandated learning.” There are so many factors that have an impact on children both positively and negatively that must be considered if we really care about the education of children.
21 Things MI SchoolData Portal
This is a screenshot of 3rd grade reading data for Potterville.
This kind of data is useful as a starting point and when combined with other data (acheivement, demographic, process and maybe even perception) can be used to begin to ask questions, understand and improve teaching and learning.

One thought on “Data Collected in Education

  1. It is a great starting point. As we begin sharing data across schools and having the data go with the student it will be more helpful!

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