Evaluation and Assessment


As a first grade teacher I have not spent a lot of energy learning about laws and considerations in the sharing of data about my students. I do collect and use data, and pass data on to parents via report cards and conferences, and to teachers via CA60s and “sending sheets.” I don’t post grades or share data online at this point. My responsibilities for permanent file type of data are quarterly report cards and entering attendance data and a photo on the CA60 each year. Record requests in our district are handled by our secretaries and/or administration.

I have become more aware of privacy and sharing issues as I have used technology more for class projects such as videos and books to summarize and extend  learning. I’m also beginning blogging with my students and although it is closed blog to begin with, I have been thinking about the directions it could take. I don’t think that these items would be considered school records but they have gotten me thinking about privacy and sharing laws.

This quiz made me think about how “education records” have expanded with technology to include many more items housed in many more places than in the past. For example, my school uses DIBELS as an assessment. Those records are on the DIBELS website. I just got an e-mail from them asking me to retrieve the data I need before a certain date. My class data would not be available after that. They probably just organize in a different way but I don’t know how long they hold the data. Our county did begin using a data collection system (DataWarehouse?) but I believe have discontinued using it. We do attendance online. I think it will only grow!

I was not surprised by the information I learned from taking the quiz. Most of it seems pretty common sense. If I were asked to share data, I would know where to check for specific questions.






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