Assessment tools and graphs

I created a test on Testmoz.

A first grade ELA goal is to be able to tell fiction from nonfiction. We have studied features of both. This test asks which features are features of nonfiction.

The results from my test are below. I would tweak the wording to use it again. It is important to me that the “test” not take too much time and energy. I would like to find a way for my students to be able to use the 5 iPads in my classroom to be able to take the test without an adult supervising. It would be nice if there was a feature to record the question so they could listen and answer.

The data from Testmoz gives me information about what students did and did not understand. From this I can reteach and/or change lessons to avoid misunderstandings. I also realized that some of my questions were not as clear as they should be.

testmoz 312563


I used Excel to put the data above into a graph. The graph shows each child’s data and can also be used to see which questions most often had incorrect answers.

Testmoz info in excel graph


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