Professional Learning Networks


I set up my Twitter account and chose 25 people to follow as a start. I sent my first ever tweet, with a link to one of my favorite sites-the reading and writing program at Teacher’s College at Columbia University!

21 tweet

At LearnPort I watched a short video of Margaret Mooney and others about achieving reading success in the early years. There were several in the section that I might go back and watch for free. I looked over several classes that I might gain from in a variety of areas. I am already a member of MACUL, having attended their yearly conference for the last two years. I went into their site and joined the MACUL SIG EE. I actually went to one of their meetings this year when I attended the conference. I am looking forward to learning more about the value of SIG membership. The video I watched from the REMC Connected Educator series was on using wikis in 2nd grade. It was interesting and inspired me to learn more about this as a possibility for my classroom.

I sent out 4 tweets about the above activities but I am almost more excited about Twitter because I retweeted a tweet that I found valuable. I am not sure how I will manage my time using Twitter. As you know, there is so much that takes time in teaching, so to add something to the routine seems overwhelming. However, I found people I have learned from and respect on Twitter and I think that I will work it in, if not daily, then at least a weekly check. I think Twitter might be worth the time!

My 4 tweets and retweet:

21 tweets 5


One thought on “Professional Learning Networks

  1. For a while I used something called tweet deck. It compiled those that I followed in a much easier fashion. I also prefer Twitter on my iPad using a tool called Flipboard. You don’t see just the 140 characters as if they have quoted an article or shared a link you see the whole thing with images. Yes definitely get involved with the SIG group.

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