Virtual Classroom


I created an Edmodo account and created a room 23 Group. My screenshot shows the group code and a note to Room 23 about verbs. I embedded a u-tube video for them to watch about verbs.

21 Edmodo post and code for Room 23

I requested to join the 21 Things Group with the code from the Moodle recording but have not yet been approved. I’m thinking that Edmodo would be a good tool to use to reinforce teaching in first grade. It could accessed at home with parents or in small groups or centers. I would love to see it in action in a lower elementary classroom. It looks like I could share content, give assignments and send notes and alerts. Having just 5 iPads for student use, it would probably be used for center work and reinforcement at home at this point. I’d love to see other uses and plan to do some investigating! Maybe on Twitter!

Navigating the Land of Online Learning

Successful online students:

Are prepared to use and learn new technology tools

Are willing to use/learn skills that will make them productive learners

Are willing to collaborate in an online learning community

Are prepared and willing to use new methods of communication

Are prepared to make learning decisions

Are willing to be responsible for their needs as learners (might include access issues, support, course issues like registration, parental permission, etc.)


The article I read is “5 Examples of Blended Learning Success.” I went to a session about blended learning at MACUL and so it peaked my interest. The article talked about 5 different schools where blended learning was taking place in various ways. It talked about levels of “cometency based learning” and modular structures and how they were used alone or in combination with traditional, time-based learning.

I explored other resources on the MLO Portal. I found both information and resources for teachers (also for others, but I focused on the teacher section.) I found a few videos in the Utube channel directory that I was interested in and plan to use this resource. I also found articles, policy samples and professional development. The MACUL 2015 conference is one of the PD opportunities listed! I think that I just touched the surface after an hour of exploration!


21 Capspace read around the planet

I am not sure what videoconference equipment is available to me in Potterville.

Literacy is a cornerstone of everything in first grade so I took a screenshot of the Read Around the Planet page. While much of our reading and writing curriculum is being dictated by the basal reader mandate, we do still celebrate Reading Month! I think this is a unique way for children to have enthusiasm about reading and realize the importance and joy of reading in our community- the world!

I also am interested in the ASK program. Authors are always inspiring and thoughtful. It looked like there was a fairly involved process of working with children on questioning. I’m not sure I would allowed the time to do this. I think it would be valuable. I find that thinking about books and being able to form questions and opinions about what is read is a skill that children really need to practice. I think this would be a great way to do it.








One thought on “Virtual Classroom

  1. I think Eaton RESA might have some equipment on loan. I did have VC equipment that you could borrow from REMC when I was there. I assume it is still available? Hard to know since I have been gone a year. The ASK project is extremely popular and valuable. I actually paid for classes who wanted to do an ASK project when I was at REMC. I had a couple takers. It was only $40 and for me it was more of a drop in the bucket than a classroom trying to find the money. I added you to our Edmodo group today!

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