Digital Story Telling


I used the storyboard.doc form to plan my story about Morning Jobs.

21 storyboard


I used Animoto to make a digital story or slideshow about the morning jobs in my classroom. I used photographs I had taken in the classroom and also photos from Flikr that had Creative Commons use for commercial purposes. I added text and music. I was somewhat limited by using the free version but thought it turned out pretty well. It only allowed me a 30 second video with 6 slides for the free version. I posted this video on my weebly for Room 23 on a new page called “Our Classroom.”

I also created a storybird account. I really liked the look and images available on the training video when Carolyn used it. I have used Voki and Big Cat apps in my classroom. They have animation.


Students in Room 23 used Big Cat apps on iPads last year. First they read the Big Cat story and then they can write their own. Students choose characters, setting, objects and text. It is quite a project for first graders. They did it at Reading Center time with a partner. It took two to three sessions to complete a story.  Students were engaged, cooperative, creative. They thought about character, story and detail. They shared their finished story with others.

Summarizing is a really valuable way to use Digital Storytelling. Last year, we took photos and wrote text to summarize our Science unit about properties. We used Skitch to label photos. It was very teacher led but we made decisions together. The students were engaged and it was another chance to interact with the content and solidify learning. We made it into a digital book and put it on the bookshelf in their iPads so they could read it.

I really liked the examples in the video on our class sight where student art work, president heads, etc were used in FaceJack. I have SockPuppets on my iPads and one other similar app that I have only used minimally. I am thinking about content in first grade where I could use this. I think students would really enjoy this and that it could be used to help reinforce content or communicate class rules or strategies for reading or math. I’m not sure how I will use this yet, but my gears are turning!


I sent my Morning Jobs video to a fellow first grade teacher. She suggested using audio to read the text. Good idea. I’m not sure I can do that in Animoto but I’m sure I could do it in some program.



One thought on “Digital Story Telling

  1. This was really neat and it sounds like you will be trying some other options. There are so many out there, but I did like your Animoto. Voicethread will allow you to voice over pictures. That may be an option.

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