Flipping Your Classroom


I used Jing to capture a digital book on Raz-Kids. In first grade, we teach many beginning reading strategies. Beginning readers start by learning to use all clues that they can. Sometimes children are focused only on phonics clues and they forget to use picture clues and to think about what makes sense. I chose to teach a lesson on using pictures clues to help figure out tricky words and meaning.

I shared my finished video with a colleague for feedback. I recorded three times before I saved a version but I would like to make the script a little smoother. I’d like to make some areas better. One thing I didn’t do was point out my that the beginning sound of mermaid didn’t match the sn beginning of the word on the page. I didn’t think out loud that this book must be about pretending to be animals. I also need to work on making the sound louder. I used my laptop and even though I adjusted the sound in the settings, it didn’t record very loudly.

I posted my video to my weebly page and below.




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